Discoid Roach Starter Colony. Florida Legal Reptile Feeder Roaches
Discoid Roach Starter Colony

Discoid Roach Starter Colony

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Every Discoid roach breeding kit comes with everything you need to start your own colonies. There is a full list of supplies further down in the description.

We only offer 1 size of Discoid Roach Breeding Kits please read the full description.

Discoid roach Breeding Kit contains the following Discoid roach roach count.

  • 25 Mix Size Discoid roaches 

Our Discoid roach breeding kits comes packed with the following supplies.

  • 5 Eggs Flats
  • 1lb Premium Discoid Chow
  • 1 Small Cleaner Crew
  • 1 Gnat Trap
  • 1 360 Feeding Dish.
What you will need to source locally.
  • Storage bin
  • Heat source

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