First Time Buyer Dubia Care Sheet

If you are reading this you are looking for how to best care for your upcoming purchase of Dubia roaches. 

Info to know before your roaches ship.

  • Be sure to know your local weather and our weather. Our weather is always available using the "Our Weather" link on the main menu of every page we operate.
  • If you temps are high or very low you may need to make arrangements for your package to be held at your local post office. 

Shipping usually takes only 2-3 days to ship nationwide and works out perfectly. Be sure your available to receive and unpackage your Dubia roaches. In the even the postal service loses or destroys your package we are ready to assist you with a replacement if necessary.


Now for the care of your new feeders.

Dubia come shipped in a sealed cup with venting allowing for breathing and moisture removal. You can use the vented ups to store you Dubia until they have been completely fed off to your reptile.

Your Dubia roaches will come with 2 weeks worth of food in the bottom of the cup. If you need to feed them for a longer period you can use a variety of foods to keep your Feeders happy and healthy.

To feed your Dubia roaches just drop in a small piece of carrots or other common vegetables inside the cup and let them eat. Be sure to remove the vegetables after 24 hours to prevent mildew or mold. This will kill your Dubia roaches.



How to feed Dubia roaches to my reptile?

This is the fun part. You can feed by hand, using tongs or even using a smooth bowl. A smooth cat dish is what we  use and work perfectly as Dubia roaches won't be able to climb out of the bowl. Don't be afraid to shred up greens and put inside the bowl with your Dubia roaches. The Dubia will eat until they are eaten.

How many Dubia should I feed at once.

We usually do a few Dubia mixed in with other live feeders like Superworms or mealworms. This gives our Bearded Dragon a broad range of feeders mixed with vegetables and fruit in a bowl and let him chow down.

What temp should I store my Dubia.

If your storing you Dubia in the provided cup you can place the cup in a warm spot in your home and keep them there. If your going to store you Dubia in a bin that you provide just be sure to keep the tote at ambient room temperature or slightly above room temp.

What happens if my shipment shows up dead.

Most times Dubia roaches alive healthy and happy but in some case they don't.

If it is very cold where you are located it just may be the Dubia roaches are cold and need to warm up. Place the cup in a warm location and your Dubia roaches. with begin to move about again. They don't thermoregulate and go dormant when they get cold.

If you shipment is obviously dead and the cup is wet an messy you will need to contact us regarding a replacement where yo will get further instructions regarding replacement.


Dubia Roaches are illegal to import to Hawaii and Florida. Any order placed from these locations will not ship and get refunded.

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