Lobster Roach Reptile Feeders. Cheaper Alternative to Dubia Roaches
Lobster Roach Reptile Feeders

Lobster Roach Reptile Feeders

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Lobster Roach Reptile Feeders

 Are you looking for a more cost effective solution for feeding your reptiles?

 Lobster Roaches are prolific breeders, they are perfect if you want to start your own colony. Any adult females you get in your order will be pregnant and will have babies quickly.

Lobster Roaches are fast moving and energizing to your reptiles. The chase is on. 

This species of feeders do climb so a screen top is a must. Lobster roaches are the softest of all feeder roaches available. Lobster are perfect for arboreal reptiles like chameleons and crested geckos.

Package Details

Lobster Roaches are packaged in breathable cup with snap on lid to ensure your reptile feeders stay fresh and remain in the cup until your ready to feed them off. Store any remaining in the provided cup and keep your feeders fresh until you need them. Feed them a small piece of fruit and keep you Dubia roaches happy living the good life. When you cup is empty simply toss it in the trash.</p>

 Shipping Information

We ship our live feeder roaches nationwide Mon-Thursday directly to you. All of our Dubia are sold by weight and contains at least a 10% overcount in every order.

 Lobster roaches can not be shipped to Florida, Hawaii, or Canada. Any orders from these locations will be refunded and not shipped.

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