Dubia Roaches as your staple reptile feeder.

Dubia Roaches as your staple reptile feeder.

Dubia roaches are a great staple feeder used by experienced reptile keepers all over the USA to feed all types of insect eating pets with great success. In fact they never go back to crickets as a feeder at all costs.

But what makes them so good that people are willing to purchase Dubia roaches and ship them.

Dubia roaches are hearty, soft and pack a powerful nutritional punch. In fact, they are at least 7 times better for reptiles than cricket. Crickets are 98% water and another 1 percent chitin leaving a full 1% for the chirp. I wont get into the parasites and foul things crickets provide to your reptiles.

If your like most first time reptile owners your finding yourself at the pet store asking for live crickets.

After 20 minutes of waiting for an employee to hand count your crickets you may be thinking there has to be a better way.  Well there are alternatives. Dubia Roaches. Okay get past the roach part! It's just a word and is no relation to the insects that invade your thoughts when you hear the word roach. Are you keeping count of how may crickets are going in the bag? 

Now you have made it to the register with your puffed up bag of crickets and they ring it up and inform you the price. That little bag of crickets average more than .20 for some crickets. Go ahead an pay them and speed back home before the air runs out for your crickets. After all they did fill the bag full of carbon dioxide when they blew it up.

Sounds familiar?

Now imagine you go online, make a simple order and wait for your feeders to show up to you. As good as that sounds it gets better. Imagine getting your feeder roaches in the mail for a fraction of the price of your crickets. Wait for it, wait for it. What if you also knew that you can buy in bulk and have enough feeders for weeks or even as long as a month.

Back to the air bag full of your fresh crickets for a moment. A fraction of them are going to die no matter what and leave you with a dwindling supply of available feeders. The fact of the matter is the stress alone is enough to kill the crickets and leave you with unusable feeders even after you have completed your feeding they will still continue to perish. This ultimately leads you back to the store faster with more money to repeat the same scenario. 

Let's stop that now and get you to a better place for your reptile feeder needs.

Reptile keeping doesn't have to break the bank and consume all of your free time. You're already at the right place to solve the reptile feeder problem. You can order the perfect size feeder for your reptile and have them shipped in a breathable cup that you can store for feeders for weeks. Your feeders won't be dying off faster than you can feed them. They live in their escape proof cup that keeps them nice and contained feeding and hydrating until fed off.

Easier, Cheaper and Better for your reptiles. It's a value you can appreciate and feel good about ordering. Trying all the different feeders should be part of the fun and not the worst part of owning a reptile.

We carry a full line of top quality reptile feeder roaches ready to ship to your door completely alive and gut loaded ready to be fed. Get ready for some fun. Your reptile is going to go insane over the feeders you have for them.

Welcome to the family.


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