Feeding picky bearded dragons a full diet.

Feeding picky bearded dragons a full diet.

We have all had that one reptile that doesn't like to eat anything but the most expensive feeders and sometimes refusing to eat vegetables all together. How do you train your reptile to eat salads, dried worms and other reptile delicacies?

The key to training your reptiles to eat healthy starts when they are small and open to new things. For the sake of this blog post let's assume your new friend is a hatchling bearded dragon. After all bearded dragons at this age will taste about anything at least once.

Lets start with the all important salads and greens.

Try breaking your greens up into smaller pieces and place them in a smooth cat dish or bowl that is suitable to feeding reptiles. A heavier dish works best. Toss all of your greens in the dish, sprinkle the greens with Dubia roaches, and let the Dubia roaches feed on the vegetables while your dragon watches. Before you know it your dragon is going after the bugs and gets the vegetables as a consequence. That is a win. This works especially well when your bearded dragon is young. I have found that it is best when the bowl you feed from has some weight to it so the bowl doesn't get dumped over or flipped. Be sure to place a log or something for your dragon to perch on above the feeders and greens in the dish. I have also placed the live feeders outside of the cage at a location that your bearded dragon can easily see. If your dragon is like ours they will become very interested in the feeders and ready to eat. That attention is the best place to start.

Fruits and vegetables.

Putting a little surprise for your bearded dragon as a reward. 

Let's be honest. Greens don't grow in the deserts, neither do grapes, strawberries, apples, blue berry and other tasty fruit snacks that your dragon would love to chow down on. Most of these items people usually purchase, pick and consume regularly. Sharing is caring. Be sure to completely wash and dry your fruits and vegetables to ensure your bearded dragon does come in contact with residual remnants of insecticides and other chemicals commonly found in fruits. We all should be washing before we eat those fruits for the exact same reason.

When presenting the above mentioned foods be sure to chop your vegetables into smaller pieces so that your bearded dragons get those pieces by accident and to small to spit out. You can add live feeders, fruits, and salads in the same bowl at once. Before you know it your picky feeder is getting great food with every bite.


I hope this helps you with your picky reptiles.

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