Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know know the right size for my reptile?

Dubia roaches while still nymphs are pretty soft and easy for all reptiles to crunch up and swallow Dubia roaches without a problem, but you still will want to size them.

It's a good rule of thumb to size your feeders to about the size of the space between your reptiles eyes.  Feeding the correct size is important to get as much nutrition as possible without feeding insane amounts of Dubia in a single feeding.

How does shipping work?

We ship live orders Monday through Wednesday each week. The cutoff allows 3 days to arrive before the post office is closed for the weekend. Your package is shipped in order of receipt and tracking, mobile tracking updates are all available to track your order to your address.

How to I keep my Dubia Roaches healthy while I feed them off.

Your order is packaged in a breathable escape proof cup with snap on lid filled with egg flat pieces. You can store your feeders in the cup for the entire life of all the feeders. Just keep it in a warm place and feed them every few days. A small piece of carrot or other fresh vegetable. It does not take a lot so a small piece is fine.

How should I present Dubia to my reptile?

The container your feeders are shipped is clear and it won't be hard to get you reptile excited. When trying to present them the Dubia pick out a piece of the egg flat and bump of the Dubia into the enclosure. Your reptile will take care of the rest. 

What happens if I have not received my order buy Saturday.

Not to worry. Delays are part of shipping and happen from time to time. We take care to ensure our feeders can survive in the packaging for more than a week. Just keep an eye on the tracking and be ready to hydrate when the box arrives. 

Do I need a hot pack or cold pack?

If you live and plan to ship to a very hot or very cold location it is always a good to add the hot or cold pack to your order. In hot seasons we vent the boxes with holes to reduce the temperature of the inside the box. The hot or cold packs aren't designs to retain the heat or cold the whole entire trip to your location but to slowly transition and acclimate them to conditions during transition your location.





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