Black Solider Fly Larvae For Reptiles

Black Solider Fly Larvae For Reptiles

Black Solider Fly Larvae

  • Fat% - ---------------9.4
  • Protein% ------ ---- 17.3
  • Calcium PPM--------8155
  • Phosphorous PPM--5355
  • Cal./Pho. Ratio------1.52

Black Solider Fly Larvae is a highly nutritious treat for many species of reptiles. Solider Fly Larvae is naturally packed with high levels of calcium and proteins to assure that your pets are getting a well balanced meal full of nutrients needed to thrive on a day to day bases. 

How to care for Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

1. They don't require food or water so caring for the larvae is extremely easy.

2. We ship all Solider Fly Larvae inside 8oz cups with bran. We recommend keeping the larvae inside the cup you received and storing them at room temperature to maintain freshness. 

3. If you plan to store the Larvae for extended periods of time we recommend storing them in a dark place with average air temperatures of around 50 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Feeding Black Solider Fly Larvae To My Reptile.

How many do I feed ?

Well that simply depends on their size and apptite. We generally will give our reptiles somewhere between 10-15 at a time. Depending on the size of the reptile and the larvae. 

Is my reptile big enough to eat Black Solider Fly Larvae?

Generally speaking you never really want to feed your reptiles a live insects that is bigger than the gap between both eyes.

Is Black Solider Fly Larvae a good constant feeder?

Although they are highly nutritious we do not recommend feeding them as a constant feeder for your reptiles. We look at  them more as a treat. The reasoning behind this is NO feeder is a good constant. It is very important that our pets receive different food options as the continue to grow. Different insects offer different nutritional values. So it is good to mix things up to make sure they are getting all the different nutrients  that other insects also offer. To much of anything is a bad thing. 

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