Dried Water Crystals. Feeder Hydration without the hassle
1 oz Dried Water Crystals

1 oz Dried Water Crystals

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Dried water crystals are a must have for insect keeping. A mildew free fresh water source is invaluable. Dried water crystals is the one supply that you can't leave out of your breeding methods.
You simply have got to have moisture in your bins or there won't be as effective breeding results from your feeders. When your feeder roaches grow and molt they will need the ambient moisture in the bin to shed exoskeletons and continue along on their cycles of growth. 
Mildew, mold free fresh water. You don't ever want to put water in your colonies at all. That is a recipe for disaster. If it tips over, you have a mess. If your feeders get into the water they will drown quickly. Then it only gets worse after that. I'm sure you get the point and will add dried water crystals to ever order.
Directions for use.
  • Mix with fresh water to produce water gel used to hydrate feeders without the risk of mold.
  • Provides a 24 hour water source for your feeders.
  • 1oz dried water crystals produces 1 gallon of water crystals.

Alternative Uses

Used in gardening for years.

  • Helps prevent over and under watering of your plants.
  • Ideal for Herb gardens
  • Reduces water stress in plants to help protect them from heat and drought.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Mix with soil to reduce amount of watering needed.
  • Crystals swell to absorb water and release later.

Hot and Cold compresses and other uses.

  • Bag your hydrated water crystals in a thick zip lock back and freeze until solid.
  • Use as a DIY cold compress to ease soreness and swelling on your body.
  • Toss in your cooler to keep groceries cold in the car for trip.


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