Dried Organic Mealworms . Dry roasted mealworms for reptile bird feeding
Dried Organic Mealworms

Dried Organic Mealworms

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Our Dried Mealworms are sold by the pound.

  • Dried Mealworms are perfect for feeding reptiles, wild birds, chickens, fish and hamsters.
  • They are 100% organic and are assured to satisfy your pets cravings. 
  • Dried mealworms are perfect for reptile hatchlings just learning to hunt and feed. This also helps to train your big eaters to eat dried insects for ease and cost.
  • Excellent for special needs reptiles and birds who can't hunt and feed normally.
  • Especially useful with reptiles and birds that have visual handicaps.

 For more tips and tricks on how to train pesky and picky eaters to eat from the value menu visit our blog to brush up on your game.

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