Non Toxic All Natural Gnat/ Fruit Fly Traps . Safely trap pesky fruit flies in your home
1oz Gnat / Fruit Fly Trap

1oz Gnat / Fruit Fly Trap

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  • It doesn't matter how clean your insect colony is your going to at some point get gnats. This is especially true in the warmer months.
  • Gnats find there way into your colonies by the fruit used to feed the colonies  or fruit introduced by normal produce purchasing.
  • The warmth and moisture levels in colonies is a perfect  place for gnats to lay eggs and reproduce.
  • Our gnat traps are safe to add in your reptile room, or directly into your insect colonies.
  • Non toxic all natural formula attracts the gnats and traps them where they expire before laying more pesky eggs.
  • Safe to use anywhere in your home that you find gnats. You can use them in your fresh fruit and vegetable baskets.

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