Medium Dubia Roaches Reptile Feeders - Medium 1/2" Bulk Dubia Roach Ny
Medium Dubia Roaches Reptile Feeders - Medium 1/2" Bulk Dubia Roach Nymphs

Medium Dubia Roaches Reptile Feeders - Medium 1/2" Bulk Dubia Roach Nymphs

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50 or 100 Count 1/2 " Medium Dubia Roaches shipped to your door
 Small Dubia Roach Feeders are the go to feeder to grow healthy happy exotic pets. As reptile owners ourselves we learned quickly that crickets wasn't gonna do it. Not even close. We had to do something and do it quick.

You're definitely at the right place for the next step in nutritional feeders for your pet.

First things first. Let's brush up on important information you need to know before buying you first Dubia roaches.

Small Dubia Roaches are the smallest feeders you can purchase and only measure about 1/2 inch and are perfect for smaller species of reptiles or for baby reptiles.

Dubia roaches are hearty , they won't die off within a few days like crickets commonly do. There is no smell associated with Dubia and they do not make annoying noises.

From a nutritional standpoint Dubia roaches are far superior to crickets because Dubia do not carry parasites commonly found in crickets and 1 single Dubia has more than 7x the nutritional value or a cricket. You end up feeding less live insects when using Dubia roaches as your main feeder.

We ship our live feeders directly to your home for far cheaper than you would pay at the pet store for inferior feeders. Once you make the switch from live crickets to Dubia roaches you will never willingly go back to crickets for any reason.

Priced far below live crickets at the pet shops our feeders are full of value to you as a customer.

Watch this dragon tear up our live Dubia Roaches.

Baby Bearded Dragon Eating! (Live Dubia Roaches!)

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Package Details
Roaches are packaged in breathable cup with snap on lid to ensure your reptile feeders stay fresh and remain in the cup until your ready to feed them off. Store any remaining in the provided cup and keep your feeders fresh until you need them. Feed them a small piece of fruit and keep you Dubia roaches happy living the good life. When you cup is empty simply toss it in the trash.